Five Mistakes You Are Making With Your Flat Iron

The majority of women can’t start their day without a flat iron. Let’s be honest; perfect blowouts only happen at a salon. Using a flat iron is more convenient and faster solution, than going to a salon every day. But, this hot tool also has its bad sides.

It can damage your hair significantly, and make it look thin and lifeless. Many would say, I love my hairstyle and I love using a flat iron. But, before you reach for this hairstyle, you should know which mistakes to avoid if you want to have a shiny and healthy hair.

Skipping a hair-protectant spray

Many women seem to be forgetting heat-protectant spray before they use a flat iron. Nowadays, you have a lot of choices and you can select among various manufacturers. The price varies, but they are quite affordable.

So every time you plan to use a flat iron, on clean, damp hair, spray on a heat protectant to shield your hair from too much heat.

Using the lowest heat setting

Many would think that using the lowest heat setting; it will damage the hairless. Of course, you can use a medium to high temperature if your hair is in good shape. But, even if you have damaged hair, you should apply the same rule.

You must be wondering why? Well, on the low heat setting, you’ll have to go over hair multiple times to style it out. A higher temperature use might help you style it in one pass.

Pulling iron down

Using this technique can help your hair flat. Instead of pulling it down, you should place a flat iron as close to your root as possible. Use this heat tool to each section of hair, pulling it up as you go, instead of pulling it down.

This technique is excellent for volume, and it will boost up your hair at the crown.

Using a brush

Before you hit each section of your hair with a flat iron, brush it to get rid of all knots. You will see that many hairdressers like to combine comb and flat iron, but that’s wrong. So, before you use this heating tool, use a brush to make it smoother and to avoid getting back over certain areas multiple times.

You don’t let your hair cool down

Heat styles hair and cool hair sets it down. So, when you are using a blow drier, or flat iron, make sure to let your hair cool down before you pull it into a ponytail. You should wait at least five to ten minutes before doing anything with your hair.

You never clean your styling tools

For instance, if you use heat –protectant spray, or other styling products they can build on the surface of your flat iron. However, to prevent the residue from ending up into your hair, you should clean your devices regularly. In most cases, clean water would be enough, but you can use alcohol as well, to disinfect everything.