15 Teen Haircuts for Summer – cool haircuts for girls

During the summer our creativity is at its peak. Girls want to try new things, play with colors and change the hairstyle that expresses their energy and character. They like to imitate the celebrities and are often successful in creating a different hairstyle for themselves.

If you need a change and you want to enjoy the summer while it lasts, then here are a couple of cool haircuts for girls you should try.

The vintage cut

Taylor Swift has been an icon of teenage style, and the signature chick bob she wears has a vintage touch to it. If you prefer short hair, then this vintage cut will be excellent.

The sleek cut

In the last couple of years, the short hair has become highly popular. Wavy layered bob is one of the most refreshing summer hairstyles one teenager should try.

Tousled waves

There is nothing better when washing your hair and going outside. Well, with tousled bob with is shoulder length will give you casual appearance with uneven edges.

Big voluminous curl

Curls are sexy and elegant, especially the tight ones. You can style them in many ways, add a couple of big earrings to complement the style, and you are ready to go.

Short ear length Bob

The very short bob, with slightly tousled ends, is quite convenient to wear. This hairstyle is perky, cute, and summery. If you add bangs, it will complete the entire appearance.

Short, uneven short Bob

Tousled uneven short bob is sexy and stylish. You can curl the ends for the more textured effect.

Dry tousled waves

This messy hairstyle involves curls in chaos and edgy bangs. If you refuse to have a defined shape and you want to make a statement, then dry tousled waves are excellent for you.

Sleek waves with fine bangs

You can backcomb straight waves and team them with beautiful bangs. It will offer you a stylish and neat touch, especially if you want to have an elegant hairstyle.

Front bangs with sleek braid

Combine a simple twist with thick and wild bangs to get a casual and still sexy appearance. You can make a thin braid on one side, and let the bangs glam your look.

Shoulder length bob

Emma Watson wears her dark brown hair in a straight bob. This hairstyle consists of even razor cut edges, which will define your personality and give you calm demeanor.

Edgy ombre pixie

Pixie is an ideal haircut for the summer, it’s casual, comfortable to maintain and if you add a bit of color, you will get a sophisticated look.

Tousled dark brown wavy Bob

The dark brown tousled waves provide with a casual textured feel to a hairstyle, especially if you want to achieve a chic essence.

Medium length wavy hair

Trim your hair just below the shoulders to get the smooth edges. You can backcomb it with side parts, or just have a simple tousled hairdo.

Straight and tousled

Straight and tousled hair is one of the easiest hairstyles for the summer. Wash it, blow dry it, and you are ready to go.

Boyish-looking bob

If you are a fan of Kirsten Stewart, then you know her edgy pixie hairstyle with flipped back bangs. This hairdo can look nice during the summer months.